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The trust is interacting closely with the society and stands in front as a role model to the society on volunteerism. The trust has a good rapport with government agencies, hospitals, other voluntary and civil society agencies.

The trust has been serving the society by guiding the poor people in their distress by undertaking counseling and people are getting treatment to various ailments through governmental aids and agencies.


Lymphatic filariasis is caused by a parasite transmitted by infected female culex mosquitoes. During attacks, patients will suffer from fever, redness and swelling of certain parts of the body, causing acute suffering and incapacitation.



The trust has volunteered in taking the campaign of eradication of communicable diseases. In March 2002, under the auspices of the “Eradication of Elephantiasis Programme” of the Government of Tamilnadu, distributed medicines to people in Ward 14 of Pallavaram Municipality, Keelakattalai area, Chennai.

Health care: Campaign against Filaria

The trust also advocates empowerment of women through skill training for entrepreneurship development. In this regard now and then as per need of the locality awareness programmes were conducted under the self development programme of the Trust. And Craft camp for women and children was conducted under the education programme of the Trust. In continuation one week training programme was conducted to women group on pottery and handicrafts with experts.



Rehabilitation of poor and destitute women were under taken under the “community rehabilitation programme” of the trust by distributing cloths for the people in Trisulam, Chennai with the help of DMS Sisters, Trisulam.

Women Empowerment

India, being on the path of progress and education being vital in totality, focus is now on early childhood education .A suitable educational system, having ambience on a right model, is required for garnering and motivating creativity, skill development in the area of writing, reading, listening, eye contact, speech, exposure to environment and locally improvised educational aid. There is where a mix of Montessori and kindergarten system of education steps in. The course approaches help also to wean away drop outs and have trained teachers who though possess qualification, but lack such training.


Hence Vishvodayaa Trust started BAALYAA education center to impart Montessori and kindergarten based education systems and methods to the local candidates who wish to take up teaching as profession. Every year 10-12 candidates are trained and in house training is being given in BAALYAA School where the school has admitted children with learning disability into the main stream along with normal children. The teacher candidates are exposed to a wide range of teaching materials, observation classes, workshops, case study and language and personality development.

The candidates, after the training, are able to get gainful employment. Most of the candidates are widows, economically backward and destitute referred from other NGOs. Parents of learning disable children are also counseled and trained to help their wards progress and overall development.



As a policy each and every educational institution should train their teachers to identify children with learning disability in areas of lack of communication, poor listening skills, difficulty in writing, hyper activity-destructive and distractive behavior, and no eye contact. The learning disability should not be seen as a curse and but should be treated on par with normal children and admitted and integrated with general stream of children. But such is not done and instead such children are admitted to special schools and labeled as” special children” and referred as mentally retarded. Training, patience, educational aids, empathetic deliberations by the parents, educators and society can alone help in giving such children a normal life. The Trust has successfully integrated the learning disability children into the mainstream education through its managed school “BAALYAA School”. The trust has adopted local Government school for  imparting quality educational activities.


The Trust supports various Self Help Groups (SHGs) in many ways. Generally, the Self Help Groups have the capacity to mobilize resources and have the zeal to undertake a self earning venture to support the family socially and economically. What they lack, in reality, is that they have very limited knowledge of marketing, advertising, fund management, banking and product development and research. They also lack in personnel communication skills and health and hygiene. The Trust has found these lacunas by conducting a survey. Vishvodayaa Trust is working with SHGs to impart knowledge and skills, by way of workshops and seminars, in the area of communication, banking, fund management, hygiene and product awareness. The Trust with the help of local municipality and panchayat has facilitated SHG’s for collection of garbage from door to door and segregation of biodegradable wastes. Door to door campaign for the rain water harvesting and encouraged the houses holds to implement the scheme. Planting trees and plants in the localities to have green environment is also a part of the Trust’s campaign for “Live with nature”.



The computer awareness for SHGs will be given as these will facilitate these SHGs for Data entry jobs. Tailoring, house hold product development, crèche manage-ment, creating opportunities to further the studies through study circle and centers, socio-economic empowerment and house keeping are also the focus areas of the Trust. The objectives are also achieved through VISHVODAYAA TRUST- SHAKTHI LADIES CLUB(A wing of VISHVODAYAA TRUST & A branch of WIA, Chennai).Distribution of books and financial aid to poor children, providing help for physically challenged ,feeding poor etc. are some of the activities of this club.


Health care: Campaign against Polio

The global eradication of poliomyelitis is a public health effort to eliminate all cases of poliomyelitis (polio) infection around the world. The global effort, begun in 1988 and led by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and The Rotary Foundation, has reduced the number of annual diagnosed cases from the hundreds of thousands to around a thousand. If polio is the next disease to be successfully eradicated, this will represent only the third time this has ever been achieved, after smallpox and  rinderpest.



The trust has volunteered in taking the campaign of eradication of communicable diseases. From March 2002, under the auspices of the “Eradication of Polio Programme” of the Government of Tamilnadu, distributed medicines to people in Ward 14 of Pallavaram Municipality, Keelakattalai area, Chennai.

Health care: Medical free services: (orthopedics, diabetics, eye and general health care)

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