Service-Volunteering:The trust has volunteered in taking the campaign of eradication of communicable diseases. In March 2002, under the auspices of the “Eradication of Elephantiasis Programme” of the Government of Tamilnadu, distributed medicines to people in Ward 14 of Pallavaram Municipality, Keelakattalai area, Chennai. Lymphatic filariasis is caused by a parasite transmitted by infected female culex mosquitoes.

Service-Health care: Medical free services: (orthopedics, diabetics, eye and general health care)

The trust has volunteered in taking the campaign of eradication of communicable diseases. From March 2002, under the auspices of the “Eradication of Polio Programme” of the Government of Tamilnadu, distributed medicines to people in Ward 14 of Pallavaram Municipality, Keelakattalai area, Chennai.

Service-Women Empowerment:

The trust advocates empowerment of women through skill training for entrepreneurship development - imparting knowledge and skills, by way of workshops and seminars, in the area of communication, banking, fund management, hygiene and product awareness. Tailoring, house hold product development, crèche management, creating opportunities to further the education through study circle and centers, socio-economic empowerment and house keeping are also the focus areas .

Service: Education And Training:

Promotion of Sports, Art & Culture by conducting periodical events and workshops

 Conducting workshops for teachers from rural areas for hone their teaching skills.

 Inclusive education of learning disability children into the mainstream education system.

The Trust has adopted the Government School at Keelakattalai coming under Pallavaram Municipal Corporation for educational support ,development and  cultural activities.

Service:Support to school students :

The Trust provides free books, uniform and support school fee for needy underprivileged children as a service.

Services And Projects

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 …...Creating values, that make the difference .

The trust is interacting closely with the society and stands in front as a role model to the society on volunteerism. The trust has a good rapport with government agencies, hospitals, other voluntary and civil society agencies. The trust has been serving the society by guiding the poor people in their distress by undertaking counselling and people are getting treatment to various ailments through governmental aids and agencies

On Going Projects

Project: Integrating learning difficulties  children into mainstream education       

Vishvodayaa Trust requests support from philanthropists, donors and sponsors, which will be valuable for Vishvodayaa in its endeavour in imparting education to certain deserving children to integrate in mainstream education.

Project: “Social Welfare”- Women

Building entrepreneurial skills and helping the women to start their own business, Counselling and rehabilitation for women and the differently able, Conducting nursery training and crèche management for women, Building voluntary groups for involving in social activities., Women's Welfare Centre activities and other Seminars / Rehabilitation programmes. Conducting general awareness in disaster and crisis management., Conducting general awareness in disaster and crisis management-are ongoing projects which the Trust has been conducting.                                                                                                                  

Project: “Health Care”


The continuing projects are:


Conduct awareness and medical camps to general public and providing Health care to the needy.

Promote medical camps in co- ordination with Govt. Health Agencies in Polio and Encephalitis Eradication.


Polio Eradication Camp is held every year supporting Government’s initiatives.                                   

Project: “Go-Green”- Environmental Awareness


Educate the public on Waste management.

Tree plantation Programme.

Plant a Tree Campaign”-Environmental awareness programme is conducted every year.

environmental awareness programme in scools

Project: Girl Education and Empowerment Project (GEEP)


Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Among children not attending school there are many girls .Among illiterate adults, there are twice as many women as men. Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power -- of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This is not a luxury. The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women establish it as a basic human right.


Vishvodayaa Trust’s Girl Education for empowerment project (GEEP) focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education. Education is an important tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status. GEEP ,while working through the formal school systems as well as through the integrated programs of Vishvodayaa Trust provides the necessary . Following the Right to Education, Vishvodayaa Trust has been actively engaged with other agencies and the larger civil society to support girl Child Education in its true spirit. GEEP is committed towards enabling effective implementation of education. provisions and policies for rights.

Project: SAHAARA (Support of the displaced and affected people due to COVID 19


With COVID 19 (CoronaVirus) threatening to spread like wildfire (Stage 3), and         with total lock down, the daily wage earners have lost support of wage earning. Vishvodayaa Trust has identified the wage earners who need help and support with medical, food and essentials provisioning.


The rehabilitation of the needy and have-nots.

Sustain the rehabilitation with health care and income resources.


This is time bound project for 24 months (2020-2022)

The Trust has partnered with GIVE India.                                     



                                                   Some Stories of Beneficiaries of Give during Covid’ 19


Mrs. Sundari is an elderly widow diabetic with heart problem. She needs dialysis to be done every 2nd day.  She is dependent on her son who is a daily wage earner who is out of job since 22nd March due to lockdown due to Covid’19. The fund facilitated by Give India has immensely helped the family to buy provisions and also get medical help. The beneficiary is highly thankful for the timely help.


Mrs.Rani is a daily wage earner and a maid who has got an ailing husband and a young son to look after. She has lost her wages due to the prolonged lockdown has her employers have asked her to stop work and to remain at home due to Covid and lockdown. She has been severely affected ,unable to meet the daily expenses, rent and medicines. The timely support from GIVE has helped her in this hour of crisis to ward off hunger in the family.

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